Get ready for the blog to move…


So, I’ll be moving to Patheos Catholic soon. All the paperwork is signed and such, and I’m told that my new site should be ready sometime in February. They asked me to create a Facebook Page for it, and it is right now so minimal I’ve started to wonder if I’m being a bit defiant about the whole thing. Knowing me: probably.

If you wanted to follow me with the move, I’d be both touched and grateful, and I would indeed recognize the names. I’d like to think – on my best days – that we come from some shared corner of existence that I don’t know how to describe, but that we’d all know if we saw it. People who love things, especially Catholic things, and find them very hard to love too.

Right now, my profile theme is a reference to Götterdämmerung (and ravens), and to Saint Francis meditating over Scripture and death. Yeah. So I think we’re getting off on the right foot over there on Facebook.

I will update here when everything is official. Until then, I’ll happy putz around here in this little corner of existence with you.


6 thoughts on “Get ready for the blog to move…

  1. Fariba says:

    Wonderful! Will definitely follow.

  2. danielimburgia says:

    I very much appreciate your blog here. To be honest I don’t care much for patheos. I have lost interest in every blog that has moved there (its not just the annoying ads but the structural ideology affects the content too). But I am hopeful that your blog will be the exception. Blessings and I look fwd to new poems.

    • Thanks. I admit I’m also very nervous about what a wider audience means. If it’ll push me in strange directions. We will see! I’m very attached to my artistic independence, and I was assured I could do what I wanted. Do let me know if I start to wander away from myself.

  3. Janella says:

    I’ll follow your writing wherever you place it.

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