New Site. New Sight.

Gustave Dore, Cover for Poe's "The Raven"

Gustave Dore, Cover for Poe’s “The Raven”

Seeing as I am facing a dramatic move across the country and a dramatic change in perspective as a human being, I thought I would re-invent my little blog. Thus I have created “The Rule and the Raven.” The old site will remain in existence as an archive of sorts. It was a fun place to experiment and reflect, but I am tired now of the “kung fu” childishness. It is time now for new childishness.

As for this new act of Internet, the “rule” refers in part to the Rule of Benedict, a deeply formative text and way of life in Western Christianity. It also refers to regulae of all sorts, since to be human is to be involved in laws and principles and forms. Yet in and through all these, there is that which presses far beyond form and articulation. I am fascinated by this strange crossway of integration and disintegration. It soars through every moment and snatches away the death of authentic speech. It is much like the raven that, according to legend, rescued the abbot Benedict from death.

“The Raven” is also a poem by Edgar Allen Poe. I like poetry. Gustave Doré (whose cover for Poe’s poem is above) is also a favorite artist of mine, and some of the most famous depictions of Dante’s Divine Comedy are his. Dante is another fascination of mine.

All in all, the website name is less – well – violent than the old one. This is important to me, too.

All of this is a roundabout way of admitting simply that I want to be different, and I’ve been reading a lot about Benedictines.

I will be updating the new site as I have time. Bear with me, and thank you for reading.


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